Automate UCC filings

Simplify and automate your UCC filing process

Maintaining ownership and guaranteeing payments for all your leases is a complex process. UCC filings must be re-recorded with the county every five years, and anytime a customer refinances or a life event occurs. Miss a single UCC filing date and your company risks losing future payments on that lease.

Filing a UCC is a complex, time-consuming, and error-prone process. This critical recurring work requires human judgment and expertise about each county’s special filing requirements.

Unfortunately, most lease service automation solutions out there automate only the easy steps a robot could do. The ideal UCC filing solution would make it easy for someone to quickly review the details of each lease and automate all of the filings with a click of the button after a quick review.

FlowEQ’s UCC filing solution automates the end-to-end UCC filing process and can even print, file and send each filing to counties on your behalf. Companies like Sunpower and Omnidian use FlowEQ to make their teams more productive and save millions of dollars each year.

Our customer service agents now troubleshoot issues 20x faster thanks to FlowEQ decision trees integrated right into our CRM screens."

John Doe, CEO
Acme Inc.

Embed our Smart Flows within your existing CRM system

No need to train users on a new system. With FlowEQ you simply design and embed Smart Flows into your current CRM system. Your teams work within the systems they already know while FlowEQ automates steps behind the scenes. 

Connect with your other systems

Use our pre-built Connectors to integrate all the data and actions you need to automate UCC filings

Accelerate each workflow

Automate UCC workflows with triggers, automation rules, and batch workflows.

Get data and insights

Quantify your UCC filing productivity improvements and compliance with each SOP.

Constantly evolve and improve

Change your lease servicing workflows and re-deploy instantly with our easy-to-use “FlowBuilder”

FlowEQ saves customers time and money everyday


Support tickets accelerated


Faster customer resolution




Faster agent

UCC filing and lease servicing automation

More ways you can accelerate your UCC filing work with FlowEQ:

Stay in compliance with the ability to define process workflows, monitor for deviations, and act quickly

Constantly monitor lease changes with triggers and automations to ensure ownership is maintained

Help reps work faster within your current CRM screens with behind-the-scenes automations that update data and actions across all your other systems

Improve accuracy by automating menial tasks to speed up customer support process and eliminate errors

Reduce workload with automated batch processing of UCC filings that adhere to each county’s requirements

Onboard new reps faster with decision trees embedded right into your CRM system that are easy to update and re-deploy as your business processes evolve

Continuously improve your processes using metrics and data about each workflow

Ready to speed up your team’s recurring work? 

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