The easiest way to speed up your team's recurring work

A no-code solution that streamlines work and ensures high-stake processes are followed correctly every time. Here’s how easy it is to design, connect and use Flow EQ’s decision tree software and automations. 

How it works

Build interactive decision trees

Design, build and update your interactive decision trees using our Smart Flow Builder. 

Advanced decision tree controls

Re-use decision tree steps across multiple processes and use version controls to measure the time-saving impact across decision tree flows.

Embed Smart Flows within your CRM

Our interactive decision tree software runs within your existing CRM so you don’t have to train your users on a new system. Just install the “Embedded FlowEQ app” from the AppExchange or App Marketplace and you’re ready to go.

Run on the side in Chrome

Your Smart Flow decision trees can embed within your existing CRM screens or run alongside any existing system in our Chrome extension.

Connect with your other systems

Use our pre-built Connectors to integrate all the data, steps and actions you need to automate processes across all of your existing business applications. 

Plug-and-play, no IT required

Once the FLowEQ app is installed in your CRM you can add and modify your integrations without your administrator or IT. 

Work even faster with Accelerators

Automate every step that can be automated by adding our FlowEQ Accelerators.

Triggers and automation rules

Direct mundane error-prone work to be done automatically in the background.

Batch process workflows

Run instantly with one click

Measure your time savings and keep improving

Use the FlowEQ Worfklow Insights to quantify the time saved and identify ways to make things even more efficient.

Brag and take credit

Increasing productivity 10x is a big deal, and you’ll have the data to prove it. Take credit and make your list of the next high-stake recurring processes you can transform with FlowEQ.

FlowEQ saves customers time and money everyday


Support tickets accelerated


Faster customer resolution




Faster agent

Collects AI-ready data at every step

FlowEQ collects interconnected AI-ready data about every step of every workflow that can be used to train AI in the future.

Or, get a quick custom app

Want to accelerate work that doesn’t start in your CRM system? No problem. You can accelerate ANY recurring work with FlowEQ’s custom apps. You get all the same Smart Flows, integrations, accelerators and analysis – but in a screen built just for your process. 

FlowEQ is an absolute miracle for a business like ours with complex troubleshooting workflows. I wish I had access to it in all of my previous businesses.

John Doe, CEO
Acme Inc.

Ready to speed up your team’s recurring work? 

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What should teams consider when evaluating decision tree software?