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In this age of chat bots, robots, and AI it can feel like everything is being automated, and some teams replaced entirely. From the beginning, our team has known that the future of work requires a reduction in human error, but removing people entirely is not always the best solution. Not everything can be 100% automated. 

Every company has important recurring work that requires human judgment, expertise, or empathy at key moments. So, our team set out to build a universal platform for every company that makes work easier and teams more productive – by letting people focus on the parts that require their expertise while automating all the steps that don’t.

FlowEQ helps companies at every stage work smarter and faster, saving both time and money every day.

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FlowEQ saves customers time and money everyday


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FlowEQ is an absolute miracle for a business like ours with complex troubleshooting workflows. I wish I had access to it in all of my previous businesses.

John Doe, CEO
Acme Inc.

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