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New Name Company Announcement

FlowEQ announces new workflow automation solution for teams that need to speed up important recurring work

BrightReps rebrands as FlowEQ; unveils the FlowEQ Workflow Acceleration Platform to help teams speed up recurring work that requires human judgment or expertise

SAN FRANCISCO (April 14, 2022) – FlowEQ (formerly BrightReps), a trusted partner in workflow automation for Salesforce and Zendesk customers, announces a new name and brand along with an expanded solution that goes beyond customer support to help all teams that need to accelerate important recurring workflows. The decision to change the company name from BrightReps to FlowEQ reflects the company’s expanded offerings and its broader mission to “make work easier and teams more productive,” according to Brittani Dunlap, FlowEQ Chief Executive Officer. 

“After increasing customer support team productivity by 10x or more, our customers began using our solution for other high-stake workflows across their company,” said Dunlap. “FlowEQ’s Workflow Acceleration Platform now helps support, operations and product teams speed up work that requires a human touch with error-proof workflows that ensure standard operating procedure are followed correctly every time.” 

The FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform is a no-code solution that embeds within your current systems and includes the following modules:

  • Smart Flows:  Build, run and optimize your SOPs with easy-to-follow workflows that let teams work efficiently from day one. 
  • Pre-built Connectors:  Instantly get data and take action across your applications without ever having to open up any other screens or browsers.
  • Accelerators: Automate every step that can be automated with triggers, automation rules, and batch workflows. 
  • Workflow Analysis: Constantly improve how your teams work with the hard data and insights you need to justify changes that will save additional time and money.

FlowEQ makes teams more productive and saves companies money by orchestrating all the data and steps behind the scenes while guiding employees through error-proof workflows. Unlike solutions that expect teams to switch to a whole new system, or automate the easy steps a robot could do, FlowEQ embeds within your current systems, automates everything that can be automated, and gets employees through the steps that require their judgment or expertise faster. 

To learn more about the new FlowEQ Workflow Acceleration Platform, visit the company’s new website:

About FlowEQ

FlowEQ is the trusted provider of workflow automation for teams that need to accelerate their work, especially complex processes and high-volume workflows that require human judgment, expertise or empathy at key moments. The FlowEQ Workflow Acceleration Platform includes interactive decision trees that are used by customer support, operations and product teams across all industries to improve accuracy and speed up important recurring work. Using FlowEQ customers get through high-stake recurring workflows 10x faster, saving their companies time and money every day. For additional information, visit