Wrike Integration Salesforce and CRMs

Integrate Wrike with Salesforce Service Cloud for faster customer support

Does your customer support team ever need to add a new project management task to a Wrike folder? Opening up lots of different screens during a customer support call is time consuming, and re-keying in data across systems is an error-prone process. Assuming your agents work cases or tickets inside Salesforce, Zendesk, Fresh or Zoho – shouldn’t there be an easy way for them to add a task to Wrike from within their existing CRM screens?

That’s where FlowEQ comes in. FlowEQ’s workflow automation platform embeds within your current CRM system and streamlines every step of the support process so your agents never have to open other applications and can get through their work 10x faster. Using FlowEQ you can integrate Wrike with your Salesforce or Zendesk systems to automatically add new tasks that include all of the correct information, whenever it is required in a workflow. FlowEQ helps your agents work faster and ensures your customer support procedures are followed correctly every time.

Our Wrike integration with Salesforce Zendesk, Fresh and Zoho makes it easy for your team to:

  • Get through cases and tickets faster by enabling agents to search Wrike records for information needed to handle customer support cases all from within your existing CRM screens
  • Accurately track product quality issues by automatically attaching cases or tickets to an Wrike base of known product issues
  • Automatically track and analyze important areas of your customer support process by auto-adding new records to any Wrike based on actions taken by your agents in your CRM system
  • Increase accuracy by ensuring your Wrike data is always in sync with your CRM
  • Provide great customer service by speeding up your customer support processes and empowering agents to resolve issues on the first call
  • Ensure SOPs are followed 100% with error-proof workflows that eliminate errors and ensure all data is always captured correctly in both your CRM and Wrike
  • Onboard new agents faster with interactive decision trees right inside Salesforce or Zendesk that get them up to speed in hours instead of days

FlowEQ saves customers time and money everyday


Support tickets accelerated


Faster customer resolution




Faster agent

FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform

FlowEQ orchestrates data and automates steps behind the scenes while accelerating your employees through error-proof workflows. The FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform is a no-code workflow automation software solution that helps you build interactive decision trees, ensure high-stake processes are followed every time, and measure and drive insights for constant improvement.

Pre-integrated with all the other systems customer service teams need to interact with

FlowEQ is an absolute miracle for a business like ours with complex troubleshooting workflows. I wish I had access to it in all of my previous businesses.

John Doe, CEO
Acme Inc.

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