ShipStation Integration with Zendesk or Salesforce

Handle your RMA process 10x faster

Dealing with replacement orders and shipping should be easier than it is Your customers expect quick and accurate resolution on their first call, but it’s not simple for your agents. Your support teams work in your CRM and your orders get entered, processed, and shipped from ShipStation. Requiring your support teams to open and work across lots of systems is inefficient and leaves too much room for agents to make mistakes when they’re copying or re-keying in information across systems.

FlowEQ helps ShipStation customers check order status, process returns, and trigger replacement orders with just a few clicks from right inside their CRM. Whether your customer service team uses Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, or Freshdesk, Flow EQ’s pre-built integration between these CRMs and ShipStation can be used to complete their replacement orders in just a few seconds, while letting your agents work within the CRM screens they are already familiar with.

Our ShipStation integration with CRM lets you:

  • Automate replacement orders and shipping with integration to e-commerce, order management and shipping systems
  • Increase accuracy by walking agents through error-proof workflows that ensure shipping processes are handled correctly the first time
  • Speed up refunds and replacement orders by automatically writing information intoShipStation while the agents work exclusively within their Salesforce, Zendesk or Fresh CRM screens
  • Empower your agents with pre-built connectors between your CRM and other popular e-commerce and shipping solutions like Shopify and BigCommerce
  • Improve customer satisfaction by automating menial tasks to speed up the process and eliminate errors
  • Rapidly respond to changes using our easy Smart Flow Builder to create dynamic decision trees that are easy to update as your business evolves
  • Onboard new agents faster with interactive decision trees built right inside Salesforce or Zendesk that get them up to speed in hours instead of days

FlowEQ saves customers time and money everyday


Support tickets accelerated


Faster customer resolution




Faster agent

FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform

FlowEQ orchestrates data and automates steps behind the scenes while accelerating your employees through error-proof workflows. The FlowEQ Process Acceleration Platform is a no-code workflow automation software solution that helps you build interactive decision trees, ensure high-stake processes are followed every time, and measure and drive insights for constant improvement.

Pre-integrated with all the other systems customer service teams need to interact with

FlowEQ is an absolute miracle for a business like ours with complex troubleshooting workflows. I wish I had access to it in all of my previous businesses.

John Doe, CEO
Acme Inc.

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